Why Us

Customized Packing, OEM/Private Label, One stop solution, Consolidation and Flexibility.

Customized Packing

We offer comprehensive packing solutions and packaging materials procurement to support promotions, product launches and customization for your local markets. We have extensive capability to procure the right packaging material for your products, as well as offering environmentally friendly packaging.

OEM / Private Label

Apex Glove has been a reputed OEM, delivering consistent quality with reliable turnaround time, for some of the world’s most famous brands.
This promise of quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness is what has made us such a sought-after producer, for a host of well known global brands. We do provide a full range of OEM services including production and packaging according to customer’s product specification.

One stop services

APEX GLOVE offers wide range of gloves and provides our customer one-stop-solution. This means one contact for product sourcing, pricing, packaging requirement, artworks, quality control and transportation.


Our operation team is able to consolidate goods from different factories into one container. We do this by working closely with various suppliers and transporters to ensure smooth communication and transfer of goods. Our customers save time & shipping cost and able to enjoy flexibility in shipment.


We practise flexibility in our company to operate effectively and to cope with the ever changing customer needs and wants. We are robust, adaptable and competitive so that we are better prepared for whatever opportunities the future might bring. We are always open to discuss ways we can grow your business, so if you have any opportunities you would like us to explore please talk to us.