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Pack mode available: 10pcs, 20pcs, 40pcs, 50pcs and more.


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We provide our customer one-stop-solution for all your glove buying needs.

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Disposable latex gloves come in many varieties, based on colour, length, size and weight. Apex Glove has the ability to supply you with all varieties of latex gloves. We ensure you that we will find the best available price for your requirements.


The use of the household glove extends much further than daily household chores. Household gloves are often used in the food industry, cleaning services and for light industrial purposes.


Apex Glove can assist you in your buying needs for all your nitrile gloves, in all available colours, sizes and weights. Our contacts with all nitrile glove suppliers ensure that we will always find the best value for your money.


When heavy performance and protection is required, industrial gloves are the solution. Apex Glove will gladly help you in finding the best solution, at the best price available, for your requirements.

Our In-house Brand

High-quality products from leading manufacturers worldwide

Special Packing

We offer unique and customized packing services tailored to our customer’s preferences. Retail packaging requires good aesthetic properties, easy and safe handling by consumers and good protection to products.

We have extensive experience in providing packaging solutions as well as procurement of the right packaging materials to various private labels for many years. Our comprehensive facilities and equipment support the packing services we promise.

Our team of experienced and well trained professionals will provide high quality and cost effective solutions to our customers.

Customized Solution for Supermarket / Hypermarket

Drastically Save Labour Cost

The tray design ensures carton packs are evenly stacked and safely protected during transport – and can later be presented on the sales shelf and removed from the secondary packaging easily.

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Customized packing service are available in various pack mode:

10 pcs

per box

18 boxes

per tray

40 pcs

per box

7 boxes

per tray

50 pcs

per box

20 boxes

per carton

60 pcs

per box

10 boxes

per carton

1 pair

per polybag

24 pairs

per display box

20 pcs

per zip lock bag

6 zip lock bags

per big polybag

4 polybags

per carton